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First day with “Amazing Greens” and new online fitness tracking

So I started the day with Collagen (Neocell) mixed in hot lemon juice. I can hear the sighs of delight over how appetizing that sounds! (sarcasam).  Wait a half an hour and had a coconut milk and scoop of “Amazing Greens Mocha” .  Than a “Think Thin” Protein Nut bar for lunch.  Salad for dinner.  Still craving something I had another Nut bar….I think those things are bit addictive.  Roasted celery for snack.  Nummy eh!

I am still waiting for it to cool off enough to take my bike out for an hour as planned so will update you on that when it happens.  So far the supplements aren’t making me hungrier later which is what usually happens.  I do really well until later at night than start craving things really badly.


I am currently using My Fitness Pal to track meals and exercise.  So far it is locating food items and seems fairly comprehensive about exercise.

Will update tomorrow!

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