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Losing Weight and Nutrition

So I have made a commitment to losing 30 pds and competing in a major pole competition by my 50th birthday.

25 years ago I used to be insanely in shape with a body fat ratio of 23% which for a women is extremely good.  Now however have having office jobs and depression for the last 20 years the pds have creeped up and the lack of mobility.

My Goal is to lose the weight with cardio and proper nutrition not a fad diet of ‘magic’ cure.  That being said I have found that the statement that you will not lose weight the same way twice is really true.  I have tried not eating carbs, but that just made obsessed with carbs around 10:00 PM at night thus causing a carb feast then laying down. Not a good idea if you are trying to lose weight.

Currently I have stopped taking some anti anxiety meds that I think might be making the weight issue worse.  We will see.

So right now I am 155 pds.  Ideally I would like to be 115 but will settle for 120. So 35 totally.

Now for the physical side.  I would like to be Jenye Butterfly on the pole.  That is the standard I am working toward.  I would like to hit fifty raging with sexy confidence.

As I am currently job hunting and stressed about money etc.  This should be an interesting journey!


I am gluten, dairy, chocolate and sugar free. Some are allergies others just make me feel bad.  My body responds to sugar really badly. So I just avoid.

One would wonder how I could have any weight issues avoiding these particular ingredients but you would be surprised what you can chow down on that doesn’t have any of these things. Rice, Popcorn etc.  Carbs are my downfall.  I have decided not to count calories but look at the meal on a whole.  My daily meals are:

Salad w/ Goat cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, chia seeds, homemade Italian dressing.

Chicken Tenders baked w/ broccoli

Roasted Seaweed


Menopause Supplements:

Black Cohosh

Evening Primrose Oil

General Supplementation:


Collagen 1,2, & 3


Greens Plus (naturally derived C)

I am currently trying a supplement for breakfast call “Amazing Greens” with unsweetened Coconut Milk.  I will see what difference it makes in 2 wks.


Biking 4x weekly

Gym 3x Weights and Treadmill.

Update same time next week.

My pole experiences will be on another blog post.

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