I am back!! New Online fair dates and I am forming an online Spirit Circle!

Hello! I have been really inactive in the last few weeks just like everyone trying to come to grips with our new reality. But in the midst of all the chaos, I found a new passion for working with others in my community. I will be joining the MeWe fairs online in May and I will be starting a new Mediumship Development Online Circle! In the upcoming months, In other news, I have authored some short stories about some of my experiences in mediumship that will be published in a few books. One of the books "The Last Breathe" is of several different types of mediums and their experiences. The other is about persons that pass themselves over. As far as I know, "The Last Breathe" is due to launch in Fall. I will post more information as I get it! If you would like to join the mediumship development group. Please contact me via the contact form on the upper menu of the website.

New Fair Events added for 2020!

I will be at a fair event almost every month this year. Please check out the events section for more information.  At fair events, I offer a 30 minute psychic reading for the discount price of 45.00.    

So I did a thing…I put some of my graphics up on Redbubble

So I fell in love with my Queen of Wands and was swept up by the idea of wearing during some of the festival gigs I work at. I just want her energy helping me along. If you would like any of the images that I have created you can find them by clicking the widget below. Have a beautiful day!

Recently added Gallery and Client Booking!

Random Oracle

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New Oracle Deck

I have recently updated my Random Oracle section. I created this deck to be a blunt option for the questions that we would like a "Yes" or "No" answer to. I could not find a deck that filled the bill so created my own! If you would like to order let me know and I can create a link for you.  

New Booking Options For Client Readings.

If you would like to book an intuitive reading with me you can now use the link at the top of the page to create an appointment with me.